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Where four-way valve should be installed?


Where four-way valve should be installed?

Where four-way valve should be installed? It is important to install mixer properly with respect to the boiler.

Mixing valve is a device intended for control of heating medium temperature in central heating system and central utility water (depending on the needs of the system). Correct operation of these valves ensures longer lifetime of the boiler. It is recommended to install mixing valves in systems with circulation pumps. They are mainly used with boilers fired with solid fuels with manual and automatic charging. Conduits supplying heating system (hot water) and return conduits (cooled water) are connected to the valve. Mixing valve allows to adjust ratio (amount) of hot water, outflowing from central heating boiler, supplying the central heating system and cooled return water flowing to the boiler. Hot water and cooled return water are mixed inside the valve what causes increase of temperature of water that is returning to boiler.



It is possible to control opening of the valve in manual and automatic mode using controller of the mixing valve (e.g. DEFRO MZ). Use of mixing valve in the system is one of method to counteract low-temperature corrosion of the boiler. Furthermore, increase of return temperature allows more efficient getting hot utility water in preheater connected to the central heating circuit. The additional advantages of use of the four-way valves is smooth adjustment of temperature of heating medium in the system and uniform distribution of temperatures of heaters in this system.


For optimum use of mixer’s functions it is necessary to set its nominal value DN correctly. Use of incorrect DN of the mixer will cause that possibility of adjustment in whole range of mixer’s scale will not be guaranteed.


It is important to install mixer properly with respect to the boiler.


It is recommended that horizontal axis of the mixer should be distant by approx. 0.8 to 1.1 m from the return pipe of the heating system.

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