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Adaptive Control


Adaptive Control

Adaptive Control controller allows precise feeding of air for combustion with respect to the fuel dose.


Control of boiler with feeders is based on determination of correct amount of fuel and air for combustion necessary to achieve the set temperature. Amount of air shall be in strictly defined ratio with respect to the metered amount of fuel. If correct ratio is not ensured then combustion process is not efficient: too much air causes increase of chimney losses, excessive heating up of the burner, while too little air causes incomplete combustion, formation of unburnt particles in the ash, formation of excessive amounts of soot and tar formation.




In real operating conditions of the boilers there are many factors influencing loss of air-fuel ratio, besides correctly selected revolutions of the fan with respect to the fed fuel. The following factors have a decisive influence on change of amount of supplied air: variable chimney draft depends on design of the chimney, external temperature, building location, wind etc., degree of pollution of grate and convection ducts of the boiler (increasing resistances between cleaning periods), granulation of fuel. Innovative control with the Adaptive Control algorithm allows making independent from the variable conditions during operation of the boiler with feeder.  New control uses a feedback, where fan power is selected based on the signal from Hella sensor installed in turbine flowmeter. Adaptive Control system considerably improves efficiency of combustion and therefore less pollutions are discharged to the atmosphere and need of frequent intervention in boiler operation by the personnel is limited. Many problems connected with operation of the boiler are connected with need to generate appropriate chimney draught by the gas pass (chimney). Bigger and bigger efficiencies of the boilers forces significant lowering of flue gas temperatures. Because chimney draught depends on temperature of flue gases, therefore the requirements of the manufacturer concerning chimney draught are usually not met. In such cases assurance of correct operation conditions of the boiler is possibly by using exhaust fan installed on flue gas outlet from the boiler.


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*exhaust fan is available as an option, extra paid according to the price list of boiler equipment

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