MAX series boilers


MAX series boilers for each project

The offer of DEFRO products includes also boilers with medium and high power, which are intended for heating of the central heating systems and preparation of domestic hot water in residential buildings and public utility buildings. MAX series boilers meet the requirements of PN-EN-303-5:2012 and the Ecodesign in line with the Directives of the European Union. They have been designed for combustion of fuels with division into hard coal, eco-pea coal assortment, and biomass in form of pellet and they ensure continuous operation of the equipment during the heating season.

Continuous research works and permanent control on the design and production stage made that the boilers won approval in many projects in Poland and abroad.

MAX series boilers require fulfilling the guidelines related to the assembly and execution of the thermal protection. Proper operation of the equipment ensures its effective operation. Boiler power should be selected based on the energy audit and the assembly carried out by the qualified personnel acc. to the recommendations in line with the Polish Standard and guidelines of the manufacturer included in the operation and maintenance manual of the boiler.

Each boiler of this series may be adapted by our construction department to the requirements of the project, both concerning technical issues and additional equipment. We provide also professional technical advisory, warranty and post-warranty service. MAX series boilers distinguish with the robust design and great quality of workmanship. Electronic controller of the boiler is used to control the combustion process. The controller makes continuous temperature measurements and adapts the operation of the feeder and fan and controls the operation of the pumps and other components responsible for the equipment operation, therefore the boiler does not require continuous visual inspection.

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