Boilers with feeder for coal


Sigma is a boiler that is very convenient in use, is equipped with retort burner and is intended for combustion of eco pea coal. The highest quality of materials used for manufacturing of the burner ensure its long-term operation, while suitable design of the heat exchanger ensures optimum fuel combustion conditions, high efficiency and low pollutant emissions. Intuitive and user-friendly controller with colour touch display, with adjustable angle of inclination allows simple programming of the equipment and is responsible for control of system’s operation. Boiler meets the power-emission requirements of class 5 acc. to  PN EN 303-5:2012.

** Boiler in DiR version with additional grate for manual combustion - DOES NOT MEET THE CO-FINANCING REQUIREMENTS. Ordering DiR boiler please mark DiR on the order - deflector and grate

5 lat gwarancji na szczelność wymiennika ciepła, 2 lata na pozostałe elementy i sprawne działanie kotła 5 years of warranty for heat exchanger tightness, 2 years for the remaining components and efficient operation of boiler;
wymiennik ciepła wykonany z atestowanej stali kotłowej /gat. P265GH/ o grubości 6 mm z hut Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A. heat exchanger made of certified boiler steel
sterownik K1v2 z kolorowym panelem dotykowym obsługującym 4 pompy /c.o.,c.w.u., obiegowa, podłogowa/. Możliwość obsługi zaworu mieszającego, sterowanie poprzez GSM lub Internet*, regulowany kąt położenia panelu sterującego controller K1v2 with colour touch panel servicing 4 pumps /central heating, hot utility water, circulation, floor pump/. Possibility to operate mixing valves, control using GSM or INTERNET*; adjustable angle of control panel
wysoka sprawność cieplna sięgająca 88% dzięki zwiększonemu odzyskowi ciepła ze spalin; high thermal efficiency reaching 88% thanks to increased heat recovery from flue gases
 *przystosowany do montażu w układzie zamkniętym
*adapted for installation in closed system
 śruba podajnika paliwa wykonana w całości z jednego elementu
screw of fuel feeder made of one piece
duża komora spalania z wysokoefektywnym palnikiem retortowym large combustion chamber with highly effective retort burner

(*) - extra payable equipment, installed on Customer’s request


Name of the boiler   Sigma
Specification/boiler type Unit 16 20 24 36 48
Power range kW 4,8-16 6-20 7,2-24 10,8-36 14,4-48
Heating area


2,1 2,3 2,4 3,8 4,7

Area of heated rooms 1


to 250 to 270 to 290 to 400 to 520

Fuel tank capacity 2

kg ~165 ~165 ~165 ~191 ~266
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~88,8-88,9
Energy efficiency class - C C B B B

Max. permissible operation


bar opened system: 1,5 / closed system: 2,5
Required flue gas draught Pa 24 26 28 31 34
Max. temp. of water on supply °C 65/80

Boiler weight 3

kg 449 501 523 657 728
Boiler water tank capacity l 97 100 114 160 196
Chimney section cmxcm 14x14 14x14 15x15 17x17 19x19
Chimney section

Ø mm

160 160 170 195 225

Minimum chimney height







Width mm 1270 1270 1270 1370 1370








Height 4

mm 1365 1365 1497 1557 1777

Diameter of supply and return Dn


G1 ½”

Diameter of flue mm 159 178 178 178 194




Height to bottom edge of the flue







1 Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=80 W/m².
2 Fuel tank capacity for charging density 0,8 kg/dm³.
3 Boiler weight depends on the equipment.
4 Height of boiler can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs.
5 Extra paid option, installed on the customer’s request.

EcoDesign certificate available for power 20kW. for Sigma E 24 kW boiler.
The boiler meet the requirements of the class 5 acc. to the PN-EN 303-5:2012 for power
of 16, 20, 24, 36 and 48 kW.
On special request the boilers are available with exhaust fan and a mechanism for cleaning of heat
exchanger. Additional equipment components shall be added during ordering of the boiler.
Additional charge to basic version - according to the price list.
NOTE! Please specify side of the container (left or right) during ordering of the SIGMA boiler.

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