Boilers with feeder biomass

Bio Slim

End of problems with the selection of boiler pellet into a small boiler room.

  • Fuel tank placed directly over the heat exchanger minimizes the size of the boiler
  • Sleek and powerful burner pellet made from the finest materials with automatic cleaning
  • Horizontal tubular heat exchanger
  • Easy operation and maintenance, access to czyszczenai heating surface by a large front door of the boiler
  • Save space in the boiler room, the boiler requires only 1m2
  • Economizers in passageways combustion increasing precipitation of dust from the flue gases and raising the degree of heat exchange
  • Low operating costs
  • Exhaust fan eliminates the problem of improper chimney draft and stabilizing the operation of the boiler

Specification / boiler type Unit 10 15 20
Power range
kW 3-10 4,5-15 6-20
Heating area m2
1,5 2,1 2,5
Area of heated
m2 do 160 do 220 do 270
Capacity of fuel container** kg ~72 ~90 ~108
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~90
Max. permissible operation
bar 1,5
Required flue gas draught
Pa 20 24 26
Water supply temperature
°C 160
Water supply temperature
°C 65/80
Boiler weight *****
kg  247 292
Boiler water tank capacity l 48 69 130
Chimney section cm x cm 14x14 14x14 14x14
Chimney section Ø mm 160 160 160
Minimum chimney height m 5 6 7
Supply V/Hz ~230V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption W 112/412
width mm 600 700
depth mm 1296 1508 1508
height**** mm 1572 1572 1664
Diameter of supply and return Dn   1¼”
Flue size mm 127


*Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=70 W/m2.
**Fuel tank capacity for charging density 0.5 kg/dm3
***Fuel consumption for pellets with a calorific value 17000±300kJ/kg.
****Height of boiler can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs. Legs regulation varies from 38 to 50 mm.
*****Boiler weight depends on the equipment.

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