Thermoregulator Defro 53

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Reliable equipment used in the central heating systems with buffer tanks. DEFRO thermoregulator has an impact on optimum charging of the buffer as an energy storage and protects return of the boiler against too low temperature of heating medium returning from the system and protects the boiler against low-temperature corrosion.

DEFRO thermoregulator extends lifetime of your boiler and contributes to reduction of amount of combusted fuel. DEFRO thermoregulator allows protecting boiler return, optimum use of the boiler efficiency, hot water reception, limitation of destructive action of the low-temperature corrosion and eliminates condensation phenomena. It should be noted that layers of water in accumulation tank are not suddenly mixed what causes that heat is accumulated more quickly.




  • Quicker boiler burn-in
  • DEFRO thermoregulator connected to the heating system improves lifetime of the boiler increasing the temperature on return from the system and considerably reduces low temperature corrosion of the boiler.
  • To keep the heat system without buffer tank should be started several times per day, what increases fuel consumption. Installation of the buffer tank in heating system with DEFRO thermoregulator allows reducing the costs even by 50%.
  • Positive impact on reduction of dust emission by maintaining high temperature on return from the system to the boiler



termoregulator defro 57

Thermoregualtor Defro 57

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