Charging Boilers


HG boiler used two-stage combustion process - gasification of fuel and subsequent pyrolysis that is combustion of formed gases. Wood fuel is used as a primary fuel. Boiler heat exchanger is made of high quality attested boiler plate with 6-8 mm thickness, in form of two chambers located above each other - connecting function of combustion chamber and ash-pan. Grate is located between the chamber allowing ideal gasification of wood and easy removal of ash. Wood gasification process allows using energy accumulated in fuel and meet the rigorous emission parameters. Combustion process is adjusted using innovative controller with touch display. HG boiler is equipped with exhaust fan that protects it against backflow of smoke to the boiler room. Boiler can be assembled in the closed system.

gwarancja-3.png 3 years of warranty for heat exchanger tightness, 2 years for the remaining components and efficient operation of boiler.
wymiennik ciepła wykonany z atestowanej stali kotłowej /gat. P265GH/ o grubości 6-8mm z hut Arcelor Mittal Poland S.a., oddział Kraków oraz U.S. Steel Kosice s.r.o. heat exchanger made of certified boiler steel /grade P265GH/ of 6-8 mm thickness from steel mills of Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A. division and U.S. Steel Kosice s.r.o.
nowoczesny sterownik HG PID z dotykowym wyświetlaczem oraz obsługą 3 pomp, zaworu mieszającego i wentylatora wyciągowego modern HG PID controller with touch display and servicing 3 pumps, mixing valve and exhaust valve
wysoka sprawność cieplna sięgająca 9wysoka sprawność cieplna sięgająca 91% dzięki zwiększonemu odzyskowi ciepła ze spalin high thermal efficiency reaching 91% thanks to increase heat recovery from flue gases
przystosowany do montażu w układzie zamkniętym adapted for installation in closed system
duża komora spalania Large combustion chamber
 dwustopniowa technika spalania - zgazowanie paliwa i piroliza
two-stage combustion process - fuel gasification and pyrolysis
 wbudowany wentylator wyciągowy, zabezpieczający użytkownika przed cofaniem się dymu do kotłowni
installed exhaust fan protects the user against backflow of smoke to the boiler room.
katalizator ceramiczny stabilizujący proces spalania ceramic catalyst stabilising combustion process

(*) - extra payable equipment, installed on Customer’s request


Specification / boiler type Unit 25 40
Power range kW 7,5-25 12-40
Heating area m2 2,6 3,9
Area of heated
m2 to 250 to 400
Single fuel charging dm3 ~92,6 ~175,3
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~ 90%
Max. permissible operation
bar 2,0 (2,5 CLOSED SYSTEM)
Required flue gas draught Pa 20
Max. water supply temperature °C 65/85
Boiler weight **
kg - -
Boiler water tank capacity l 172 252
Chimney section cmxcm 15x15 18x18
Chimney section Ø mm 170 210
Minimum height of
m 9
Width mm 712 812
Depth mm 1084 1355
Diameter of supply
and return Dn
mm G1 ½” G1 ½”
Flue size mm 127 127
Dimensions of charging chamber
and fuel charging hole
width 330 430
  depth 568
  height 498 736
  width x height 330x284 430x284

* Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=100 W/m2.

** Boiler weight depends on the equipment.

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