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AGRO UNI boilers are intended for highly effective combustion of biomass in the various forms of crops /oat/, crops mixtures and kernels. It is also possible to combust eco pea coal and qualified fines in the automatic operation mode of AGRO UNI. The advantage of boiler is full-scale manual combustion chamber created by a deck of tubular water-cooled grate. Depending on boiler power the heat exchanger is made of certified boiler sheet of thickness 6 or 8 mm. Boilers are equipped with components increasing operational safety, among other things double protection against ignition of fuel in hopper - first is implemented by controller, the second - by automatic, water system STRAŻAK (FIRE FIGHTER).


NZ version with reinforced structure with installed cooling coil pipe and compete protective fixtures allowing installation in closed system. NZ version requires extra payment, according to the Boilers Equipment Price list.

5 lata gwarancji na szczelność wymiennika ciepła, 2 lata na pozostałe elementy i sprawne działanie kotła 5 years of warranty for heat exchanger tightness, 2 years for the remaining components and efficient operation of boiler
wymiennik ciepła wykonany z atestowanej stali kotłowej /gat. P265GH/ o grubości 6-8mm z hut Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A. heat exchanger made of certified boiler steel /grade P265GH/ of 6-8 mm thickness from steel mills of Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A.
sterownik K1P z kolorowym panelem dotykowym obsługującym 4 pompy /c.o., c.w.u., obiegowa, podłogowa/. Możliwość obsługi zaworu mieszającego, sterowanie poprzez GSM lub Internet*, regulowany kąt położenia panelu sterującego controller K1v2 with colour touch panel servicing 4 pumps /central heating, hot utility water, circulation, floor pump/. Possibility to operate mixing valves, control using GSM or INTERNET*; adjustable angle of control panel
 wysoka sprawność cieplna sięgająca 90% dzięki zwiększonemu odzyskowi ciepła ze spalin high thermal efficiency reaching 90% thanks to increased heat recovery from flue gases
dolna komora paleniskowa z wysoko efektownym palnikiem rynnowym
bottom furnace chamber with highly effective trough burner
system automatycznego wodnego gaszenia paliwa z zaworem termostatycznym automatic water fire suppression system with thermostatic valve
dwie komory paleniskowe: dolna z palnikiem automatycznym, górna do spalania drewna /przy załadunku ręcznym/ two furnace chamber: bottom with automatic burner, upper for wood combustion /for manual charging/
(*) - extra payable equipment, installed on Customer’s request

DEFRO company reserves the right to introduce without any notice changes in technical parameters, equipment and specification of offered products. Information included on this page are not assurance within the meaning of art. 4 par 3 and 4 of the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and change of Civil Code (hereinafter “Act”) and are not description of the product within the meaning of art. 4 par. 2 of the Act. This page is not an offer within the meaning of the art. 66 of the Civil Code.

Specification / boiler type Unit 15 20 25 35 50
Power range kW 4,5-15 6,0-20 7,5-25 10,5-35 15,0-50
Area of heated
rooms *
m2 to 250
to 300 to 350 to 420 to 600
Capacity of fuel container * kg ~165 ~165 ~165 ~191 ~191
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~86,1-89,3
Max. permissible operation
bar  1,5
Required flue gas draught Pa 24 26 28 31 34
Water supply temperature
°C 65/80
Boiler weight *****
kg 470
Boiler water tank capacity l 87 95 115 141 178
Chimney section cmxcm 14x14 14x14 16x16 18x18 20x20
Chimney section Ø mm 160 160 180 200 230
Minimum chimney height m 6,5 7 8 9 9
Width mm 1216 1278 1278 1300 1300
Depth mm 1027 1027 1027 1098 1309
Height*** mm 1524 1524 1524 1539 1562
Diameter of supply and return Dn mm G1 ½”
Flue size mm 159 159
194 194
Supply V/Hz
Maximum power consumption W
123  123
Height to bottom edge
of flue
887 921
Dimensions of substitute combustion
chamber and charging hole
width 308
  depth 383
  height 263
  width x height.
308 x 238
358 x 238
358 x 238
408 x 338
404 x 334

* Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=75 W/m2.
** Fuel tank capacity for charging density 0.8 kg/dm3
*** Height of boiler can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs. Legs regulation varies from 38 to 50 mm.

***** Boiler weight depends on the equipment.


Firma DEFRO zastrzega sobie prawo wprowadzania bez uprzedzenia zmian parametrów technicznych, wyposażenia i specyfikacji oferowanych towarów. Zawarte na niniejszej stronie informacje nie stanowią zapewnienia w rozumieniu art. 4 ust. 3 i 4 Ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2002 roku o szczególnych warunkach sprzedaży konsumenckiej oraz o zmianie Kodeksu Cywilnego (dalej "Ustawa"), a także nie stanowią opisu towaru w rozumieniu art. 4 ust. 2 Ustawy. Niniejsza strona nie stanowi oferty w rozumieniu art. 66 Kodeksu Cywilnego.

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