Furnance kitchen


FURNACE-KITCHEN Discontinued equipment

Central heating kitchen with water jacket ASIA is a connection of central heating boiler with kitchen fired with solid fuel. It is intended for heating of rooms, preparation of hot utility water and boiling and heating of meals and it is adapted for combustion of fuel and wood.
Its heat exchanger is completely made of high-quality, certified boiler sheet of thickness 5 mm. The upper part is made of cast iron heating plate with burner and thus fuel can be refilled from the top without opening the charging doors. Moreover, it is equipped with cast iron grate with adjusted position in the furnace chamber what allows to heat only heating plate in the summer.

2 lata gwarancji na szczelność wymiennika ciepła; 2 years warranty for tightness
heat exchanger;
wysoka sprawność cieplna sięgająca 81% high thermal efficiency
reaching 81%;
komora paleniskowa z żeliwnym rusztem; furnace chamber
with cast iron grate;
STAL.jpg Heat exchanger made of certified high-grade steel;
mechaniczna regulacja procesu spalania; mechanical adjustment
of combustion process;


Specification / boiler type Unit 9
Power range kW 2,7-9
Area of
heated rooms
m2 do 90
Single fuel charging kg ~10
Optimum thermal efficiency % ~81
Max. permissible operation
bar 1,5
Required flue gas draught Pa 15
Water supply temperature
°C 90
Weight kg 145
Water capacity l 23
Chimney section cmxcm 14x14
Chimney section Ø mm 160
Minimum chimney height m 6
Width (cover closed
/ opened)
mm 375
Depth (cover closed
/ opened)
mm 665/1040
Height mm 808/1473
Diameter of supply and return Dn mm G1”
Flue size mm 127
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