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HYDROPELL dry stove is intended for use a room heater and may be used as a source of hot water for the central heating system. Part of hot air is emitted directly from the furnace through the window panel and by radiation through convection holes over the doors and in the top wall of the device. More than 80% of heat energy is given back to water in the water system of the stove.
Closed combustion chamber allows the installation of the HYDROPELL stove in rooms equipped with heat recovery.


eco  Energy efficiency class A++;
 gwarancja_5_lat.jpg 5 years warranty for heat exchanger tightness;
 stal.jpg Heat exchanger made of certified high-grade steel;
 sprawnoscc hydropell High thermal efficiency in the range from 94,2 to 95,6% due to increased heat recovery from flue gases;
 tiemme TIEMME controller. Operation of the central heating pump, automatic ignition process. Operation of the switching valve for the purposes of domestic hot water heating, domestic hot water heating mode. Cooperates with room controller or internal temp. sensor;
 c Equipment adapted for installation in the closed system if the protections are assembled in accordance with the operation and maintenance manual of the equipment;
 naczynie Built-in expansion vessel;
 zawirowacze Swirlers system increasing heat recovery from generated power;
 pompa co The central heating pump being part of the equipment;
 automatyczny zapłon paliwa Fuel self-ignition system;
 palnik pelletowy centralny The furnace chamber is equipped with discharge pellet burner adapted for combustion of biomass;
 wentylator wyciagowy Exhaust fan eliminating the problem with the chimney draught and stabilising the operation of the equipment;
 kompaktowa obudowa Compact design;

Specification / type

unit 8 12 18 24
Nominal power kW 10,4 12,4 14,9 18,5
Thermal power of water cycle kW 8,5 10,3 12,3 16

Thermal power given off to the environment

kW 1,9 2,1 2,6 2,5

Nominal efficiency

% 94,9 94,9 94,2 95,6

Seasonal energy efficiency


90,4 90,4 90,0 91,2

CO emissions at 13% O2

% 0,0101 0,0047 0,0048 0,0043
Flue gas temperature


81,4 84,8 94,1 83,7


kg 135 150 185 215
Minimal required flue gas draught Pa 12 12 12 12

Diameter of the exhaust gas socket

mm 80 80 80 80
Supply V 230 230 230 230

Maximum electric power consumption

W 380 380 380 380

Capacity of fuel container2

kg 15 20 24 28
Water tank capacity l 22 25 28 32
Expansion vessel capacity l 5 5 8 8

Work pressure

bar 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5


1 Device weight depends on its additional equipment

2 Fuel tank capacity for pellet bulk density 600kg/m3


Height of device can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs.

The regulation of legs varies from 38 to 50 mm.

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