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Ecoflow CIRC pump is the highly-efficient pump for hot water, with the reliable design of shaft-less spherical motor using ECM technology and permanent magnet. Such a design ensures the highest efficiency and low noise level with reasonable purchase costs.

Ecoflow CIRC pump is equipped with automatic venting mode, thermal shield and optional setting of clock and temperature. The pump may be used both in single-family houses and multifamily buildings. It meets the regulations on drinking water and ensures efficient protection against Legionella by drinking water circulation. Hot water circulation ensures that hot water is available immediately even in the most distant tap.

High-efficient circulation pump provides up to 90% savings of electrical energy costs in comparison to a standard 25W pump!

Advantages of the Ecoflow CIRC pumps:

  • High efficiency
  • High durability
  • Resistance to limescale deposits
  • Robust execution
  • Silent operation
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy installation
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