Manifold for pump groups


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The manifold is used to divide the heating medium between two or three DEFRO pump groups. Connectors of the manifold on the boiler side have external thread G 1 1⁄2”. Connectors from the system side (pump groups) have nuts with flat sealing G 1 1⁄2”. DSR manifold is additionally equipped with integrated hydraulic coupling intended for hydraulic balancing of the system. DR and DSR manifolds are equipped with wall brackets and polypropylene insulation, which is used also as a transport packaging. Furthermore, the manifolds are equipped with connectors with thread RP 1⁄2” intended for assembly of e.g. drain valve or immersion sleeve for the temperature sensor (they are not part of the manifolds equipment). All manifolds are subject to factory leakage tests.

The manufacturer provides a 36-month warranty from date of purchase for the system made in compliance with the assembly and operation manual.

DR - manifold

DSR - coupling-manifold


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