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Defro DHP PREMIUM is the latest generation of the monoblock air/water heat pump intended for Polish climatic conditions. Designed and manufactured in Poland by the largest producer of heating equipment with 100% national capital. The equipment has been tested by scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology.



  • Energy efficiency class A++ at supply temp. 55oC. Higher funding in the Clean Air programme.
  • Fully operational and easy to use the controller.
  • Access to all settings and operating parameters also via the mobile app and the website.
  • Electricity, COP and heating power meter for the heat pump.
  • Exceptionally high performance even at low temperatures.
  • Operating parameters in A-15 / W35 conditions:
  • heating power / COP: 7.0kW / 3.01.
  • Operation of heat pump even at external temp. -25oC.
  • Cooling function as a standard.
  • Hydromodule, included in the set, equipped with dhw/central heating and changeover valve, circulating pump, control module, 6 kW electric heater, supporting the operation of the heat pump at extremely low temperatures.


The first Polish plug-in type heat pump

The electrical connection is really simple and quick. It requires connection of external unit with hydromodule using the dedicated conductor supplied with the heat pump and then the connection of the hydromodule to the plug-in
socket using a cable with a plug, which is also supplied in the set. It reduces the risk of errors during connection and considerably reduces assembly time.





dcp 12 wizualizacja


Dimensions of external unit





Hydromodule dimensions



Technical data HF HB - available soon
Dimensions - hydromodule (depth/height/width)

198 / 716 / 650 mm

198 / 716 / 650 mm

Weight - hydromodule

28 kg

28 kg

Connecting connectors of heating cycle - hydromodule




Technical data DHP PREMIUM 12
Heating power / COP przy A7 / W35* 12,0 kW / 4,8
Heating power / COP przy A2 / W35* 9,0 kW / 3,8
Heating power / COP przy A-7 / W35* 7,6 kW / 3,2
Heating power / COP przy A-15 / W35* 7,0kW / 3,0

Energy efficiency class (supply temp. 35oC)

Maximum temperature of supply


Refrigerant / weight of refrigerant

R290 / 1,8 kg

Compressor type Copeland Scroll
Lower / upper temperature of air for operation of heat pump

-25oC / + 35oC

Sound power level outside / outside night mode / inside the room 60 / 55 / 36 dB (A) (A)
Supply voltage of heat pump 3x400 V, 50 Hz
Current protection C 20A
Dimensions - external unit (depth/height/width) 619 / 1571 / 1222 mm
Weight - external unit

229 kg


Design of external unit DHP PREMIUM


  1. Fan - The task of the fan is to force air flow through the evaporator. The blades of the fan have cut-outs at the tips, so-called “owl feathers”, to reduce the noise.
  2. Evaporator - Evaporator in form of finned pack heat exchanger is intended for receiving the free heat energy from the ambient air flowing the refrigerant (R290 - propane). This is possible due to phase transition of propane from liquid to gas in low outdoor temperatures. Evaporating low-pressure refrigerant takes the heat from the environmen (ambient air) and cools it down.
  3. 3. Scroll compressor -  Gaseous refrigerant is sucked by the compressor from the evaporator. It increases its pressure, what results in simultaneous increase in its temperature. The compressor is installed on special “floating tray” separated from the structure using vibration dampeners and with thermal insulation. DHP Premium uses the highest quality scroll compressor, Emerson Copeland Scroll intended for operation with R290 refrigerant.
  4. 4. Condenser-  Hot gaseous refrigerant is led to the condenser (in form of the plate heat exchanger). Here the heat is transferred from the hot gas to the heating water. Condensing propane transfers to the heating system a heat taken previously in the evaporator and compressor.
  5. Electronic expansion valve - After heat dissipation in the condenser the cooled liquid heat transfer medium is led to the expansion valve. Here the pressure and temperature are reduced. The expansion valve controls optimum amounts of refrigerant led to the evaporator. Electronic expansion valve used in DHP Premium gives the greatest opportunities among the solutions available on the market. It allows obtaining the relatively high COP for the full range of operating temperatures.
  6. Safety valve - Safety valve 2.5 bar is installed on water side on outlet from the condenser. It protects the system against penetration of refrigerant (propane) to the heating circuit and additionally it protects the plate heat exchanger against damage if the water freezes inside the heating circuit.
  7. Refrigerating cycle controller - Controller responsible for operation of refrigerating cycle is placed in special chamber of the external unit.
  8. Drip tray - is intended for collection and drainage of water coming from evaporator defrosting. It is made of stainless steel and aluminium and has thermal insulation. A system of pipes with hot heat transfer medium is used as a protection against freezing. Therefore, it is not required to use an additional electric heating cable. The above-mentioned components are located in the enclosure dedicated for operation in extreme weather conditions. To stabilize the operation and ensure maximum soundproofing, the design has been designed and made of the highest quality materials. The enclosure is soundproofed and thermally insulated. The supports are fixed to special assembly profiles to ensure precise levelling of the device.




Design of the hydromodules

HF and HB hydromodules have been factory equipped in the electrical and hydraulic components ensuring quick and easy connection to the mains and heating system reducing the risk of errors. Weather compensated control, management of 2 heating circuits (1 direct, 1 mixed), dhw control, cooling control as a standard. Quick access to preview of heat pumps operation (including cooling parameters) also via the application and website allows quick response of the service, diagnosis of errors and removal of faults. The internal units consist of the following components:


  1. Electrical connectors and sensors,
  2. Supply connector from the external unit,
  3. Return connector to the internal unit,
  4. Central heating and domestic hot water supply socket,
  5. Return connector from the domestic hot water cycle (HF version),
  6. Return connector from the central heating cycle (HF version),
  7. Colour display ensuring intuitive and easy access to the required settings,
  8. Metal enclosure of the hydromodule,
  9. Outflow socket from the safety valve (HF version),
  10. Electric heater 6 kW (HF version),
  11. Circulating pump integrated with three-way valve, safety valve and automatic vent - for HF version, Circulating pump with automatic vent - for HB version,
  12. Flowmeter,
  13. Hydromodule controller.
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