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Underground LPG tanks

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The underground tanks are the ideal solution for locations where its foundation can be dependent on the other factors e.g. intervention in the environment, the site development plan or small area of a plot or aesthetic considerations. Assembly of such tank requires the execution of earth works and commissioning by the inspection of the Office of Technical Inspection before burying of the tank. In a case of the underground tank the distances kept from the residential building and plot boundaries are slightly smaller than in a case of aboveground tanks. During the planning of assembly of the underground tank, the Project Owner must pay attention to the level of ground waters because in a case of the high level of the ground waters the tank may be only partially buried and part of the tank extending above the ground should be side filled with a layer of soil.

Offered capacities of Defro underground tanks [L]: 2700, 4850 and 6400 are covered with the epoxy coating with high resistance to water, flammable liquids and many chemicals. The applied paint is resistant to biogas and natural gases and root ingress ensuring ideal protection of the tank against external impacts. Coating tightness is tested for electric breakdown with 14 kV. Underground tanks are equipped with an inspection chamber with fixtures and valves, which cover is located on the ground surface.






Zbiorniki podziemne LPG - wymiary w mm
Model 2700 l 3700 l 4850 l 6400 l
A 2500 3400 4300 5500
B 1600 1635 2550 3800
C 1250 1250 1250 1250
D 800 800 800 800
E 950 950 950 950



Underground LPG tanks - technical data
Model 2700 3700 4850 6400
Directive PED 2014/68/EU Yes
Gas type propane, propane-butane (max. 80% butane)
Design regulations and standards PN-EN 13445 and PN-EN 12542 (excluding item 5.4)
Design pressure 16 / -0,2 bar
Maximum operating temperature


Minimum operating temperature


Maximum allowable filling level 85%
Weight of empty tank 2700 l 3700 l 4850 l 6400 l
540 kg 665 kg 815 kg 1010 kg

Fill valve, connector P1,   NPT

RegO 7579C

Shut-off valve, connector P2, ¾ NPT

RegO 9101DK (gaseous phase)

Shut-off valve, connector P3, ¾ NPT RegO 7550G (liquid phase)
Float level gauge, connector P4

Rochester 6281S12546G, arm length 790mm

Safety valve, connector P5, 1   NPT

RegO RS3131 - 1 szt


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