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HG boiler used two-stage combustion process - gasification of fuel and subsequent pyrolysis that is combustion of formed gases. Wood fuel is used as a primary fuel. Boiler heat exchanger is made of high quality attested boiler plate with 6-8 mm thickness, in form of two chambers located above each other - connecting function of combustion chamber and ash-pan. Grate is located between the chamber allowing ideal gasification of wood and easy removal of ash. Wood gasification process allows using energy accumulated in fuel and meet the rigorous emission parameters. Combustion process is adjusted using innovative controller with touch display. HG boiler is equipped with exhaust fan that protects it against backflow of smoke to the boiler room. Boiler can be assembled in the closed system.

gwarancja_3_lata.jpg 3 years warranty for heat exchanger tightness, 2 years for the remaining components and efficient operation of boiler;
stal Heat exchanger made of certified high-grade boiler steel;
sprawnosc_90 High thermal efficiency reaching 90% due to increased heat recovery from flue gases;
sterownik_HG_2_zPID HG 2 PID controller servicing buffer, 3 pumps, mixing valve and exhaust fan;
NZ Boiler adapted for installation in closed system;
dwustopniowa_technika_spalania Two-stage combustion process - fuel gasification and pyrolysis;
ceramika Ceramic catalysts stabilising combustion process;
wentylator_wyciagowy Exhaust fan eliminating problem with chimney draught and stabilising operation of the boiler;
System for mechanical cleaning of heat exchanger;


Specification / boiler type

unit 25



chunks of wood with 12 cm diameter and maximum moisture 20%.

Heating area



Area of heated rooms 1


to 230

Capacity of fuel container

kg ~92,6

Optimum thermal efficiency

% ~90

Energy efficiency class

- A+

Max. permissible work pressure

bar 2,0 - opened system, 2,5 - closed system

Required flue gas draught

Pa 20
Water temperature on supply max. °C 65/80

Boiler weight 2

kg 542

Boiler water tank capacity

l 172

Chimney section

cmxcm 15x15

Chimney section

Ø mm


Minimum chimney height



Supply and return socket diameter


G1 ½”

Diameter of the exhaust gas socket

mm 127




Dimensions of charging chamber

and fuel charging hole




width x height





1 Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=100 W/m2.

2 Boiler weight depends on its additional equipment.


Height of boiler can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs.

The regulation of legs varies from 38 to 50 mm.

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