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Boilers with automatic fuel feeder and burner adapted for combustion of biomass in form of pellet. They are equipped with innovative controller servicing 4 pumps and mixing valve, controller allows also connection of the GSM control modules.
Design of the boiler is based on high performance heat exchanger made of certified boiler steel. Ceramic plates are located over the automatic furnace and economizers in vertical flue gas ducts to increase combustion efficiency and to reduce pollutant emissions. Boilers meet the power-emission requirements of class 5 of the PN EN 303-5:2012.


*BEFA list - boilers introduced to the prestigious BEFA list should meet the highest technical and heat efficiency standards. The entry confirm the highest ecological, design and energy efficiency standards. 
Boilers from the BEFA list are co-financed in the Germany.

gwarancja_5_lat 5 years warranty for heat exchanger tightness, 2 years for the remaining components and efficient operation of boiler;
stal Heat exchanger made of certified high-grade boiler steel;
sprawnosc_93 High thermal efficiency reaching 93% due to increased heat recovery from flue gases;
sterownik_APC_3 APC 3 ADAPTIVE CONTROL 3 servicing six pumps /central heating, domestic hot water, circulating, floor/. Control of two mixing valves; preview and change of parameters of the main controller ONLINE through built-in internet module with RJ-45 connector;
NZ NZ version - adapted for installation in closed system, reinforced design, cooling coil pipe installed - extra paid option;
palnik_pelletowy_centralny Pellet burner with automatic cleaning function in standard;
czujnik_rezerwy_paliwa Fuel reserve sensor in container stops boiler operation at minimum fuel level. After fuel recharging it is not necessary to repeat firing procedure and the boiler switches to automatic operation;
system_automatycznego_czyszczenia System for mechanical cleaning of heat exchanger;
adaptive_control ADAPTIVE CONTROL control - adjustment of boiler operation based on air flow through the heat exchanger;
ceramika Ceramic catalysts stabilising combustion process;
uklad_samoczynnego_zaplonu Fuel self-ignition system;
wentylator_wyciagowy Exhaust fan eliminating problem with chimney draught and stabilising operation of the boiler;


Specification / boiler type

unit 12 16 20



wood pellet with diameter 6 mm

Power range

kW 3,6-12 4,8-16 6,0-20

Heating area


1,7 2,1 2,5

Area of heated rooms 1


to 180 to 250 to 270

Capacity of fuel container 2

kg ~200 ~200 ~200

Optimum thermal efficiency

% ~89,1 - 93,8

Energy efficiency class

- A+ A+ A+

Max. permissible work pressure

bar 1,5 - opened system, 2,5 - closed system

Required flue gas draught

mbar 0,22 0,24 0,26
Water temperature on supply max. °C 65/80

Boiler weight 3

kg 339 425 453

Boiler water tank capacity

l 92 100 120

Chimney section

cmxcm 14x14 14x14 16x16

Chimney section

Ø mm

160 160 180

Minimum chimney height





Supply and return socket diameter


1 ½ ’’

Diameter of the exhaust gas socket

mm 159 159 178




1 Maximum area of heated rooms estimated for unit heat demand q=70 W/m2.

2 Fuel tank capacity for pellet bulk density 0,6 kg/dm3.

3 Boiler weight depends on its additional equipment.


Height of boiler can be additionally adjusted by means of provided levelling legs.

The regulation of legs varies from 38 to 50 mm.

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