ECODESIGN kotłyThis term shall be referred to the Directive of the European Parliament 2009/125/EC establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products.
 After light bulbs, household goods and appliances etc. now it is time for heating equipment. Some of them, such as heat pumps or gas boilers, are already covered by these requirements since 2015.  However, heating boilers fired with solid fuels are included in the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1189 of 28 April 2015, which will be obligatory from 1st January 2020.
Offered equipment, designed in compliance with the ECODESIGN requirements will make a significant contribution to improvement of air quality due to saving of energy and fuel. Unfortunately, it means also that some of currently manufactured equipment will be withdrawn from sale. It applies to ineffective, low-efficient boilers with excessive emissions of harmful substances.
Equipment introduced into the market after 2020 will have to meet the following requirements:


Seasonal energy efficiency for space heating for boilers with rated thermal powerj

≤ 20 kW

min. 75%

>20 kW

min. 77%


Boilers with manual feeding

Boilers with automatic feeding

Seasonal dust emission

< 60 mg/m3

< 40 mg/m3

Seasonal emission of organic gas compoundsh

< 30 mg/m3

< 20 mg/m3

SSeasonal emission of carbon monoxide

< 700 mg/m3

< 500 mg/m3

Seasonal emission of nitrogen oxides

< 200 mg/m3 – for boilers fired with biomass

< 350 mg/m3 –  for boilers fired with fossil fuels


ecodesign etykietaWhat does the seasonal energy efficiency for space heating / seasonal emission mean?

During the heating season the boiler operates with a rated power only for a short time, while for the rest of the season it operates with lowered power. It was taken into account by introducing a concept of seasonal emission as a weighted average from emission corresponding to rated power and lowered power. Moreover, issue of seasonal energy efficiency for space heating as an efficiency reduced by electricity consumption, has been solved in a similar way.


Boiler with a label

Ecolabelling is connected with ecodesign. This obligation will be imposed on the manufacturers of equipment fired with fuels much earlier. Starting from 1st April 2017 each boiler will have to be labelled with a label, already known from the other types of the products, providing information on energy-efficiency rating of the equipment.
DEFRO is ready for the upcoming changes! Our offer includes boilers already meeting the ECODESIGN requirements what is confirmed by the certificate issued by the accredited laboratory.

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