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DEFRO Spółka z  ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Spółka komandytowa uses the Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2014, Measure 6.1: Passport to export.

Measure 6.1 “Passport to export” briefly
Operational Programme - Innovative Economy predicts that support for export development will be given to 2000 companies per year. The measure is aimed at companies from the SME sector starting export or potential exporters established in the Polish Republic (in the case of individuals domiciled in the Republic of Poland) The company may receive funding for only one project, which lasts no longer than 24 months. The maximum amount of funding amounts to 200 000 PLN, which can be used to cover 50% of the total eligible costs associated with the development of the export business.
 As part of the Measure a comprehensive support for SME entrepreneurs interested in establishing business contacts with foreign partners including, in particular advice and training in the field of sales promotion abroad and export promotion, foreign market research, participation in fairs and exhibitions (support does not cover public aid related to export of the products) will be provided.
The main assumptions for Measure 6.1 "Passport to Export" can be found in the Operational Programme - Innovative Economy and a detailed description of the priorities of the programme.= 
Documentation for the Measure 6.1 “Passport to export” can be found on the website of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


Measure 6.1 “Passport to export” will allow companies to: 
- increase export shares in goods and services sales,
- intensify relations with foreign partners,
- improve recognisability of trade and company brands on the foreign markets.

“Passport to export” consists of service package for SME including: 
 carrying out assessment of eligibility for Measure 6.1 and export potential of the entrepreneur; advisory service within the scope necessary for the entrepreneur concerning: 
- target market for export and promotional activities indicated for implementation by the entrepreneur,
 - legal acts, regulations, procedures, commercial practices and rules conditioning goods, service and capital availability for the selected market,
- possibility of financial support for exporter, including financing of transaction insurance costs connected with export,
- creation of export strategy development, which result is preparation of Export Development Plan for at least one of the below instruments,
- searching and selection of partners on the target market,
- participation in international exhibition fairs as exhibitor,
- participation in organized international economic missions, while during fairs or mission the exhibitor is obliged to participate in at least one meeting with potential customers,
- obtaining necessary documents allowing to introduce goods or services to the selected foreign market.



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